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In today’s living space, accessibility is a must for everyone, which is why we have been investing for many years to create innovative solutions to support our “Design for All” ethos.

When designing bathroom products we always keep accessibility in mind, designing for ease of use and multi-functional capabilities. Every aspect of accessibility is carefully considered, adopting a form, function & fit design ethos to each range. Ease of access, assistance in mobility and aids to hearing and vision are incorporated into our initial designs rather than simply added to them.

Our industry favourite Nest range is designed for users of all ages. It has been created to maximise space while minimising the physical footprint to give access and function to the collection.

VitrA Nest washbasin with integrated grab bar and glasses sitting on top

The washbasin with integrated grab bar provides great support whilst looking minimalist and understated, with the bar following the outline of the washbasin.

VitrA Nest Trendy mirror tilted downwards towards woman sitting down

The Nest Trendy adjustable mirror can be angled at any position needed and has a wooden back panel with shelves to store items within easy reach.

Woman holding remote control in front of VitrA V-Care shower toilet

The technology implemented in V-Care brings support, comfort and dignity to personal hygiene, with a responsive remote control that easily activates the WC’s washing features.

VitrA V-Care shower toilet with black and chrome flush plate
This can in some cases reduce the need for assistance.
Close up of VitrA Solid S chrome basin mixer

The same form and function principles are fundamental when looking at basin, bath and shower taps and mixers. Solid S combines simplicity with versatility, and is easy to operate with great grip, texture and control.

Close up of VitrA X-Line shower valve with hand shower

X-Line is one of a number of ranges that offers a thermostatic mixers enhancing safety and care aspects. Stylish yet ultimately practical X-Line gives reassurance when temperature control is paramount.

We never view accessibility as an afterthought, we design with inclusivity and practicality in mind.

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