VitrA Contemporary Architecture Series

VitrA Contemporary Architecture Series, initiated by VitrA and the Turkish Association of Architects in Private Practice, aims to document, discuss and provide a platform for new studies in contemporary architecture in Turkey by focusing on different types of buildings. It is based on three communication tools; book, exhibition and panels. Every year, the series publishes a book, composed of 50 architectural projects based on the theme of that year. Parallel to the book, exhibitions form the popular base of the series. Moreover, through student workshops, trips and other events focused on a different theme every year, the project is able to offer a rich variety of activities throughout the whole of the year.

In its first year, the VitrA Contemporary Architecture Series “Commercial Buildings” focused on commercial structures and the major changes taking place in shopping malls and office buildings. In its second year, the series examined tourism-related structures in relation to the concept and development of this industry, which 70 years ago was considered a “luxury” but today is an indispensable part of life. The third volume of the series looked at educational buildings: structures that are shaping our future. The fourth volume examines structures that host culture and art events – such as museums, concert halls, exhibitions venues, cinemas and theatres – to see how architecture has contributed to the development of culture and the arts in Turkey since the early 2000s.