Innovation center: Experimenting With The Elements
VitrA has always been at the forefront of bathroom and tile manufacturing, adapting early on to new materials and production techniques. To continue pushing at the frontiers of the industry, VitrA has set up its own Innovation Center in connection with the plant in Bozüyük. This stand-alone section of the factory is now the headquarters for VitrA’s research and development operations. Here the R&D team is exploring the development of materials, production processes, tools and new technologies for VitrA’s factories so that it can continue to redefine form and function in the contemporary bathroom. The team employs expertise from fields such as elemental dynamics, nanotechnology and electronics along the way. In true VitrA style, this is also the place where collaborative projects with universities and external consultants will be coordinated, in order to access the brightest minds and ideas to help in the VitrA project.

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